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000 (max.) LED Indicator Power / Output Status / Comm. Real Time Clock Yes ID Setting DIP switch set  000 cardholders/events. Blacklist to prevent unknown usage of lost card. Provide 2 relay outputs for  100 holiday schedules per year. (Able input date through software). Anti-passback and Duress card/co  100 mA for each port. Dry Contact Closures Five screw terminal pairs for connecting dry contact dev  100 Series™  100 Series™ Low-Profile Plug-in Smoke Detectors  16-character username/password authentication  1A at 30VDC USB Ports Two female USB Type A connectors for connecting USB modem or for downloading   1A at 30VDC USB Ports Two female USB Type A connectors for connecting USB modem or for downloading  200 / 38  2012H Photoelectronic Smoke Detector  2L-1010P/C  2L-1020P/C  2L-2401  2L-2402A  2L-2403  2L-2406  2L-2410  2L-5001P/C  2L-5002P/C  2L-5003P/C  2L-5005P/C  2L-7D02H  2L-7D02V  3-Phase Power Transducer  3DES  3G Serial Modem  4-20mA Sensor Converter  400 bps-N-8-1 Operating Temp. 0° C ~ 55° C / 14° F ~ 131° F Relative Humidity 20% ~ 80%(Non-condensi  500 mA. Optional Back-Up Battery Rechargeable sealed lithium battery. Provides back-up for two hour  5600 Series  5603  5VDC Sensor Converter  600 / 19  6500-MMK  6500-SMK  8 time conditional unlock door schedules  a visual indicator (red LED)  AC Dual Voltage Monitor  AC Power Monitor with Relay  AC power presence probe  AC Presisi  AC voltage detector  AC Voltage Detector with Relay  AC Voltage Monitor  AC Voltage Monitor Monitoring  AC-960  ACCESS CONROL SINGLE DOOR  ACCESS CONTROL  Access Control Digital Keypad  ACCESS CONTROL MULTI DOOR  Access Door  ACCESS DOOR SECURITY  access floor  Aerosol  AES 256-bit  AES 256-bit encryption  AF142  AFM-16AF  AFM-16AFFIRELITE LCD-80F  Air Conditioner Precision  Air Flow  Air Flow Sensor  Air Velocity Sensor  AKSES PINTU KEAMANAN  alarm  Alarm Beacon  Alarm Bell D-102  alat angkat raised floor  ALC- 9122P  ALC- 9153  ALC- 9171/ICR  ALC- 9272  ALC- 9351  ALC- 9352  ALC- 9371  ALC- 9751  ALC- 9751W  ALC-9151  ALC-9152  ALC-9154  ALC-9171  ALC-9451-480C  ALC-9452-490D  ALC-9453-231  ALC-9551-480C  ALC-9552-490D  ALC-9553-231  ALC-9671  ALC-9852  ALC-9852W  Alert/Communications Accessories  alinking  and Japanese. Create multiple alerts for any installed sensor. Sensor conditions (events) can be con  and more. Two levels of user-defined alerts – non-critical and critical. Provides +12 VDC  and one USB console port for serial terminal interface. Available with optional internal battery bac  and SMS messages (via USB 3G modem). Monitor and manage server room environmental conditions over I  and SMS messages (via USB 3G modem). Alerts are posted in event log  and water leakage) that could destroy network components in your server room. When a sensor goes out  and/or be used in combination with other events to trigger Smart Alerts. Configure up to 50 events.   and/or be used in combination with other events to trigger Smart Alerts. Configure up to 50 events.  ANN-80  anti statis raised floor  APA151  APOLLO  Apollo S65 Ionisation Smoke Detector  Arcfour  AS248R-LAT  AS248T-LAT  AS8144B  Aspiration Sensing Technology  aten  Automatic Voice/Pager Dialer System  bare panel raised floor  BEAM1224  BEAM1224S  BEAMHKR  BEAMLRK  BEAMMMK  BEAMSMK  BG-12 Series  BG-12LRA  BG-12LX  BIO-GEN AC-150  BIO-GEN AC-580i  Blank )  Blowfish  Blue Box  BMP 21  BMP 21 ACA  BMP 51  BMP®21 Hardside Carrying Case  Bracket  Brady  Building Automation System  calsium raised floor  Camera Security  Carbon Monoxide Detector  Catalog Zoom Store maximum 15  CE250A  CE252  CE300  CE370  CE700  CE750  CE770  CE800  CM0264  co-lo sites  CO-PLATE Series: 8000  CO1224T  CO1224TR  control power on off IP  controller will send signal to control center at the same time for tracing and rescue. Door sensor d  Cooling  CRAC  CRF-300(A)  CS1308  CS1316  CS1642  CS1644  CS1732AC  CS1732B  CS1734AC  CS1734B  CS1742  CS1744  CS1762  CS1774  CS1782  CS1784  CS1792  CS1794  CS22U  CS52A  CS62AZ  CS62SCS62Z  CS62US  CS62UZ  CS64AZ  CS64UZ  CS661  CS682  CS692  CS72E  CS74E  CS78  CS88AQ9  CS9134Q9  CS9138Q9  CY-H8006- OUT DOOR HOUSING  D296  D296 Series  D296 Series Projected Beam Smoke Detectors  Data Center Access Door  DC Voltage Detector  Dehumidifier  deteksi keberadaan air  DHCP  Digital Camera  distributor raised floor  Door Contact Sensor  DOOR SECURITY  Double Cup Panel Lifter  double tile lifter  Drop Bolt Bracket  Dry AIr  Duct Smoke  Duct Smoke Detector Accessories  Eaton 9155  Eaton 9355  Eaton 9395  Eaton 93E UPS  Eaton 9PX UPS  Eaton 9PXM UPS  EDH-RSA  Electric Strike  EM lock 600Lbs & Bracket L-Z  email alerts  Emergency / Panic Button  EN50121-3-2 Warranty Two years  ensure the operation during power outage. Provide RS232/RS485 communication interface to PC. (Able t  eNviroMUX-2W-xx  ENviroMUX-3g  ENviroMUX-ACK  ENviroMUX-ACLM-P12  ENviroMUX-ACLM-P12 ENviroMUX-ACLM-P8  ENviroMUX-ACLM-P8  ENviroMUX-ACLM-v  ENviroMUX-ACvD-515  eNviroMUX-ACvD-515M eNviroMUX-ACvD-515  eNviroMUX-ACvD-C14  eNviroMUX-ACvD-C14M  ENVIROMUX-ACVDRLY-515  eNviroMUX-AFM  ENviroMUX-AFM-xx  ENviroMUX-Av  ENviroMUX-AvDS  ENviroMUX-AvDS-LC  ENviroMUX-BCN-r  ENviroMUX-CMD  eNviroMUX-eBS  ENviroMUX-EDr-SCr  ENviroMUX-EDr-SF  ENviroMUX-gBS  eNviroMUX-gSM  ENviroMUX-iMD  ENviroMUX-iMD-CM  ENviroMUX-iMD-MW  ENviroMUX-LDSx-y  eNviroMUX-LDx-y  ENviroMUX-LiS  eNviroMUX-M-DCS  ENviroMUX-MB-iMD  ENVIROMUX-MINI-LXO  ENviroMUX-Pt1M-208-0800  ENviroMUX-Pt3M-208-0800  ENviroMUX-Pt3S-480-0100  ENviroMUX-PWr-rLy-15A  ENviroMUX-PWr-rLy-20A  eNviroMUX-rH-xx  ENviroMUX-rKS  ENviroMUX-S420MA  ENviroMUX-S5vDC  ENviroMUX-S60vDC  ENviroMUX-SDS  eNviroMUX-SDS-PA  ENVIROMUX-SEMS-16U  ENVIROMUX-SEMS-2D  ENviroMUX-SHS-PLt  ENviroMUX-StHS  ENviroMUX-StHS-99  ENviroMUX-StHS-PLt-xxx  ENviroMUX-StS ENviroMUX-SHS  eNviroMUX-t-iND-xx  eNviroMUX-t-xx  eNviroMUX-tDS  eNviroMUX-trH-xx  ENviroMUX-vSS  Environment Monitoring System  Environmental Sensors  Environmental Sensors (Continued)  ENVIRONMUX  EPC-402  ETECH Portable  exit button and reader tamper. Provide 128 time zones and schedules  Extended Range  FAAST Fire Alarm  Fan  Fanvil  Fanvil 60  Fanvil 62  Fanvil C10  Fanvil C56  Fanvil C56P  Fanvil C58  Fanvil C58P  Fanvil D800  FG250B  FH600  Finger Print  Fire Extinguisher  FIRE-LITE  FIRE-LITE ALARMS  FIRE-LITE ALARMS SB10  FIRE-LITE CMF-300  FIRE-LITE H355R  Fire-Lite MMF-301  FIRE-LITE SB-10 SURFACE BACK  Fire-Lite SLC-2  FireLite  FIRELITE 5601P  FireLite LED-10  FireLite MRP-2002E  FIRELITE MS4424  FireLite SD355T  Firepro  FirePro Products  FLA MMF-300  FP 100  FP 1000M  FP 1200  FP 20  FP 200  FP 2000  FP 200M  FP 20E  FP 3000  FP 500  FP 5700  FP 8  FP 80  FP5700  gamatronic  German  glass break  Glass Break Detection Sensor  GSM Modem  GUARD  H355(A) Series  harga raised floor  Heating  Hi-Ti CS-320  hpl raised floor  humidity  Humidity & Combination Sensor  Humidity Sensor  Humidity Sensor for Environmux  HUNDURE  I300(A)  IC150  IC164  IC485S  IC485SN  IGUARD  iGuard LM520-FSC  iGuard LM520-SC  iGuard USA LM520 SC ( FP+Card )  iGuard USA LM520 SC-ID( FP+Card )  iGuard USA LM520FOSC ( FP+Card )  iGuard USA LM520FOSC-ID ( FP+Card )  iGuard USA SM5000-ID (Super Master )  importir raised floor  Indonesian  indorack  intelligent power distribution management  internet power switch  IP Filtering  IPV6  ir6020g  Kamera Digital  Kamera Keamanan  Kartu Smartcard for iGuard ( Thin  KE8220  keamanan fisik  KEBAKARAN  Kelembaban  KEY Remote Test Station with Key  Key Station  KVM  label printer  lantai ruang server  LAUNCH Digital Camera  LAUNCH LC5  LAUNCH LC5201A-C1AR  LAUNCH LC5201A-SAM  LAUNCH LC5201A-SAMW  LAUNCH LC5201A-SAR  LAUNCH LC5201A-SARW  LC outdoor housing  LC520  LC5201A  LC5201A-C1AMR  LC5201A-C1AR  LC5201A-SAM  LC5201A-SAMR  LC5201A-SAMW  LC5201A-SAR  LC5201B2-SAMR  LC5201B2-SAMWR  LC5201B3-SN  LC5201B4-SAE  LC5201B4-SANE  LC5201B5-SAMR  LC5201B6-H31AMWR( IRLED + Wifi )  LC5201C7-H2  LC5201C7-H3  LC5201C7-H5  LC5201E7-H2  LC5201E7-H3  LC6808F  LC6816F  LC8304F  LC8308F  LC9301D  LC9301R  LDAPv3  Light Intensity Sensor  liquid detection  Liquid Detection Sensor  LM 520-FOSC  Maintenance Raised Floor - Perbaikan Raised Floor - Maintenance Access Floor  maximum connects 4 RS-485 Readers. (2 IN / 2 OUT) Provide optical coupled isolated sensors for door   MDF-300(A)  memantau kelembaban  Memantau Suhu  Memindahkan udara  Mesin Absensi  MHR/MHW Mini-Horns  Military Access Door  Min  Mini Environment Monitoring System  Mini Server Environment Monitoring System  Mini-Horns  MMF-302  MOD400R  monitor 50VAC to 250VAC  Monitor the presence or absence of line voltage  Monitor the presence or absence of line voltage  motion sensors  Motion/Intrusion/Vibration Sensors  Motion/Intrusion/Vibration Sensors (Continued)  Mounting Bracket for Infrared Motion Detector  MRP-2002E  MS-4E  MS-5024  MS-5UD-3E  MS-9050UDE  MS-9200UDLSE  MS-9600  MS4424  MULTI DOOR  Multi-signaling Accessory  Netgear FS208  Netgear FS308  Netgear GS208  Netgear GS308  Netgear R6250  Netgear R6300  Netgear R7000  Netgear R8000  NVR ( Network Video Recorder ) for Alinking  or any unmanned area that needs to be monitored. Specification : RJ45 Sensor Ports Two female RJ  or USB serial interface. An IP address can be assigned to the ENVIROMUX-SEMS-2D automatically by a D  our power  P-132  PAC  pantau keamanan fisik  PEMADAM  pemadam masa depan  Pemadam Green  PEMADAM KEBAKARAN  Pemantauan Lingkungan  pemasangan raised floor  penyerap uap  Perawatan Raised Floor - Pembersihan Raised Floor - Perbaiki Raised Floor  perforasi raised floor  Piezo Annunciator  PINTU KEAMANAN  PL-R4/ 30R Indicator Lamp  POP sites  Portable  power control  Power Converter  Power Over Ethernet Adapter  power over ip  power plus  power plus 19"  power plus battery cabinets  power plus free style  power plus SA  power plus versions  Power Supply 12 Volt  Precision Humidity & Temp/Humidity Sensors  Product Description : The ENVIROMUX® Mini Environment Monitoring System with Advanced Sensor Support  PS & Controller Door Access  PWr-48v-5v1A  PXR 52 SK  RA100Z/RA100ZA Remote Annunciator  RAC-2000P  RAC-2000PN  RAC-2000PS  RAC-2000PSN  RAC-2000PV  RAC-2200  RAC-22400NV  RAC-2400  RAC-2400N  RAC-2400V  RAC-340  RAC-520  RAC-800  RAC-820  RAC-852  RAC-900  RAC-920  RAC-940  RAC-960 FINGER  RAC-960 FINGER PRINT  RAC-960 FINGERPRINT  Rack Mount Enclosure Blower  rackserver  raised floor  raised floor data center  raised floor indonesia  raised floor jakarta  ramah lingkungan  Remote Annunciator  Remote Controlled Power Relay  remote power switch  remote reboot CAT5  remote reboot over ip  Remote Test Station  Rental AC Presisi  Rental Dehumdifier  Rental UPS  ribbon Black  Ribbon Colour  RoHS EN51055  rotor dehumidifier  RSA  RTS151 Remote Test Station  RTS151KEY Remote Test Station with Key  RTS2 and RTS2-AOS Multi-signaling Accessory  RZA-5F  SD355(A) Series  secure PDU  secure remote reboot CAT5  Sends activation signal when button ispressed.„ For normally closed or normally opencircuit connect  Sensor Accessories  Sensor Cables  Sensor Kebocoroan  Sensors & Accessories  Sensors & Accessories (Continued)  server closets  Server Room Access Door  Siren  SJT-01  SJT-02  smoke detection  Smoke Detection Sensor  SMTP  SNMP traps  SNMP V1/V2c/V3  SNTP  SSH  SSHv2  SSLv3  steel panel raised floor  SVR-104  SVR-104 Basic  SVR-108  SVR-116  SVR-304 Basic  Syslog  syslog messages  system alarm  System Integration  SYSTEM SENSOR 2W-B  SYSTEM SENSOR 5601P  SYSTEM SENSOR ALARM  System UPS  Tamper Switch  Tanpa Battery  Tatung AC Presisi  TBO-DC3030W  TBO-L130  TBO-L200  TCP/IP  telecom switching sites  Telnet  Temperature  Temperature Sensor  Temperature Sensor Environmux  Temperature/Humidity Combination Sensor  the system will notify you via email  thin station  Thin Station N380W  Tidak beracun  UC-10KM  UC-1284B  UC-232A  UCE60  UE250  UH275Z-AT-G  UH275Z-BAT  UH284Q6Z  UNISTRIKE HPL Steel Cementious Access Floor ®  UNITECH Rotor  UPS system  US221A  US421A  user account restricted access rights. Use in data centers  VB552  VC160  VE066  VE150  VE200  VE200R  VE510  VE560  VE600  VE800  vibration  Vibration Sensor  VM0404  voice phone calls (via Automatic Voice Dialer System)  voltage sensor  VS0108H  VS0116  VS0204  VS0404  VS0801H  VS132  VS134  VS138  VS1504  VS1504T  VS1508  VS1508T  VS1601  VS162  VS164  VS182  VS184  VS231-AAT-G  VS261  VS291  VS431-AAT-G  VS461  VS481  VS481A  VS491  VS881  VS92A  VS94A  VS98A  w/Converter  WAP 2.0 Compatible with any SNMP management software. Operates and configures via HTTP/HTTPS web pag  Water Leak  web hosting facilities  Web remote power  web-page alerts  which is accessible through Web user interface. Email alerts can be sent to 17 addresses. Dimensions  which is accessible through Web user interface. Integrates with various Open Source monitoring packa  WIFI IP Camera  Wind Speed Meter  woodden raised floor  YakeAir  ZX100-E1  ZX20-A2  ZX50-A4  ZX50-A8  ZX50-AE41  ZX50-AG42  ZX50-G4  zycoo