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the UPS that grows with your business
Power+ is a true modular,user-upgradeable system. As load increases you can insert up to a total of ten 10 kVA hot-swap plug-in modules,each weighing only 9 kg. The Power+ can be configured in parallel for N+1 or N+2 redundancy.

True On-Line Battery
The Power+ inverter complies with the IEC-62040-3 standard by its ability to take its input power from either the ac input (via the ectifier) or the battery,and supply power to the load. The ectifier is software-controlled to recharge the battery and maitain it in a charged condition. The battery is galvanically connected between the rectifier output and the inverter input on a common DC link ( see diagram on the right).

parallel power+ system
connecting two or more POWER+ units in a parrallel configuration provides increased reliability and greater output power capacity. POWER+ units equipped with the optional parallel kit share the load evenly and make the power+ parallel modular architecture even more dependable. Parallel POWER+ units can configured with decentralized static switches or a centralized static switch. Either arrangement ensures zero downtime even during maintenance procedures.